Multi-Day Adventures

Breakwater Kayak, LLC invites those who are ready for a great adventure to paddle the waters of Penobscot or Muscongus Bays on one of our multi-day trips. These tours offer you the experience of low impact camping and the opportunity to slow down to ‘island time’ on one of Maine’s picturesque islands. Many beautiful sights and adventures await you. We will teach you about plants and seabirds, observe lobstermen pulling their traps, and watch tall-masted schooners sail by. When we arrive on our island for the night, some may want to explore the island’s rocky shore and forests, a few may enjoy a late afternoon or sunset paddle, and others might relax and do nothing. At the end of the day, your guide will prepare a delicious meal as you share stories and listen to the mysterious sounds of the bay while darkness approaches. If conditions are good later in the evening, the truly adventurous might go on a night paddle to watch the luminescent glow of tiny plankton swirling in the water and listen to the eerie sounds of the bay at night. With each passing day your cares will seem farther away as you slip into the timeless rhythms of the tides, wind, and waves. Our direction in the days ahead will be determined by the wind, tides, and weather. Whichever way we choose to go, there will always be new and exciting islands and coves to explore.

2-Day Getaway

This trip is perfect for those ready for a weekend escape to explore the beauty and mystery of Muscongus Bay by sea kayak.

Price: $280

3-Day Adventure

For those wanting a mini-vacation, this trip is best. Three days offers more time to enjoy the experience of island camping and island exploration in the beautiful surroundings of Muscongus Bay.

Price: $420

Dates: Call for availability

Refer to our Schedule page to consider all your options.

4-Day Exploration

This trip is offered for those ready to paddle in more varied and exposed settings with more time for exploring the intricacies of Muscongus or Penobscot Bay.

Price: $560

Refer to our Schedule page to consider all your options.

Please note: Starting times and locations for these multi-day tours will be arranged according to each group’s needs. There is a four person minimum requirement for these tours to run. Groups of four or more can arrange for dates that best suit their needs depending on guide availability.